Every year, roughly one billion children experience some form of violence. It happens in every country, city, and community. World Vision wanted to create a global campaign dedicated to ending this cycle of violence. The campaign we created, entitled "It Takes A World," identifies and calls out specific ways people from different backgrounds can help end violence against children.


Working within World Vision’s existing brand guidelines, we created a bold, colorful visual system that flexibly accommodated every type of message World Vision needed to share, whether macro or micro. The design highlighted action by emphasizing what “it takes” in World Vision’s iconic orange.


The challenge of the campaign logo was balancing two dichotomies: 1) a logo that is both a symbol of safety for children and of action for adults, and 2) a logo that is meaningful and attractive to young and mature audiences alike. To accomplish this, we utilized a youthful, playful style that is attention-grabbing and emotive. The logo embodies the campaign name and tagline, “It Takes A World to End Violence Against Children,” as the mark is both a globe and a child protected by 3 people. The logo has a variety of applications: from window stickers that signify safe spaces for children, to messaging that motivates action, etc.

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The campaign system flexed with the alternate campaign line, “It Takes Me,” which allowed individuals to share their pledge to help end violence against children.


Role: Lead Designer & Art Director

Agency: Matter Unlimited

Creative Directors: Shabazz Larkin & Ahmer Kalam