EyeBuyDirect is an online glasses retailer founded on the premise that quality eyewear should be accessible and affordable to everyone. As a player in the ever-growing e-commerce space, EyeBuyDirect was looking for a digital campaign that would differentiate them in the online eyewear category and give them a distinct brand voice. This position called for a unique, memorable campaign reflecting their brand values and pillars.


We created a campaign that was not only completely different than everything happening in the online eyewear category, but also fun, eye-catching, and ownable.

The campaign hinged on the sentiment that changing your frames changes how the world sees you and how you see the world...“It’s How You Frame It.” We illustrated this idea by showing that putting on a pair of EyeBuyDirect frames actually transports you to "EyeBuyWorld:" an optimistic realm where any negative can be turned into a positive, and the glass is always half-full.

— :15 Spots


We wanted to reintroduce EyeBuyDirect to the world with their new brand voice, tone, and look. The campaign first launched with simple brand messages establishing what EyeBuyDirect is all about.

— Simple Brand Messages


The campaign features both lifestyle models and “EyeBuyGuys:” animated characters who live in EyeBuyWorld, making the campaign universally relatable (and cute).

— Social Content


We gathered data on the most commonly searched questions about EyeBuyDirect and used the results to make FAQ videos with our EyeBuyGuys. We also created videos that highlight special perks and products EyeBuyDirect offers.

— EyeBuyDirect FAQs

— EyeBuyDirect Perks & Products


Role: Art Director

Agency: J. Walter Thompson New York

Creative Director: Karl Ackermann